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We all start a relationship filled with love, hope and plans for a bright future together, dreaming it will last a lifetime. But sometimes life has other plans and as time passes we start to see things in a different light. When a relationship breaks down we are left feeling hurt, overwhelmed, angry or helpless. At times like these professional, compassionate support can be truly life-changing.

At Maude Family Lawyers we help our clients navigate through some of life’s most difficult and emotional challenges. We help to reduce the conflict and find the best resolution, always fighting for a fair outcome.

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Divorce and Separation

Children & Parenting Issues

Property & Finance

Orders & Agreements

Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

Spousal Maintenance

Child Support

De Facto Relationships

Family Violence

Protection & Care

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Ann Maude

What Makes Us Different

Maude Family Lawyers Perth

Ann Maude established Maude Family Lawyers with an intention to provide legal advice that is simple to understand, and in particular, a cost effective solution. Ann’s aim is for the client to be able to focus on their future and feel secure knowing where the next chapter of their life will lead. In 2016 Ann was admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia as a Barrister and Solicitor. Since her admission, Ann has worked exclusively in the area of Family Law dealing with all matters that this area of the law encompasses. Read More
  • Personalised Service
  • Highly Experienced and Qualified
  • We Work Exclusively in Family Law
  • Clear and Concise Advice
  • We Lead with Compassion

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What Our Clients Say

"She’s the best Lawyer out there"

I can not recommend Ann more than enough. I’ve had her for two years now in my family matter. She is caring, friendly and efficient at getting the job done, with clear instructions and empathy. Her professionalism goes above and beyond. She’s the best Lawyer out there. So if your looking for a compassionate person who will do what is needed in a timely manner in your case, please choose Ann. It’s been a privilege to know such an amazing person in the law industry. Someone who wants the best for your family and your future. - Rene


"Amazing outcome from her service"

Having been a client of Ann's at previous legal firm I cannot praise her and her extremely high standard of workmanship, kindness and caring enough. I will certainly be using her company again in the future and look forward to another amazing out come from her services. Highly highly recommend meeting with Ann to see for yourself how wonderful and knowledgeable Ann is.
- Megan



"You are honestly a gem"

I’m not really sure that words can express how great Ann is!
She literally gave my family and I our freedom. She was always available for us.
Our case was quite complex and had already spent quite a few years in the
Family Court, this did not deter her, she was always one step ahead of it all. She always
shared great advice that was in the best interest for myself, my partner and our children.
She is easy to get along with and extremely knowledgeable. When we were with her, her
focus was always on our case. I always felt heard, valued and supported.
I honestly don’t know what we would’ve done without her she is an absolute Angel
and we will be forever grateful for everything she did for us.

Amy and Sarah



"Luckily for me I found Ann Maude"

Going through a divorce is, is one of, if not the hardest things I have ever had to go through.  You are in  unfamiliar territory and in my case, I unfortunately was needing to navigate through the Family Court system in the end, not knowing where to start or where to look. Luckily for me I found Ann Maude.

Ann not only had the vast knowledge and experience that I needed, but she also listened, cared and at every step of the way had the best interests of myself and that of my children at the forefront of her mind.  I can honestly say that I could not have been blessed with better representation that what I had.  Anne was professional, efficient, incredibly reliable, very personable, and had a solid and considerably strong work ethic, all this surpassed any expectations I had coming into this process.

 If Court is what is needed, above all things you need someone that understands the law, you, and your circumstances.  I would not hesitate in recommending Ann’s expertise to anyone that found themselves in the same position I did.